filmface plywood
About Filmface Plywood

Advance film faced shuttering plywood is used for high end construction material. Our plywood is phenolic film coated which gives it a glossy and smooth surface, resulting in long life and reusability giving great value to our clients. This plywood is made up from selected wood veneers bonded together with phenolic formaldehyde raisin. This material finds great usage in concrete shuttering and form work.
Advance film faced shuttering plywood is amongst the most preferred brands, Quality conscious architects and civil construction engineers.
This plywood is available in all standard sizes and thickness. To sum up some of the salient features of our film faced shuttering plywood are:

filmface plywood
Filmface info
  • Pf synthetic resin bonded
  • Termite and borer resistant
  • Structurally stable
  • Weather resistant
  • Smooth high gloss film with high gsm
  • Long core veneers of selected hardwood species
  • Edge voids filled with plastic compound
  • High mechanical strength
  • Warp resistant
  • High impact resistant
  • Non adherent to cement
  • 100% seasoned wood

Types of shuttering plywoods available:

12mm 24kg 30kg 34kg 38kg
18mm 32kg 42kg 45kg 52kg 57kg