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Laminates vs. Veneer – what’s the best choice?

Laminates vs. Veneer – what’s the best choice?

When it comes to decorative materials for interior, laminates and veneers top the chart. However, consumers still find themselves confused over what to choose for their commercial or residential establishment. With nice decorative finishes and rich texture, both of them look appealing.

In India, laminates are commonly known as Sun Mica and used as a beautiful alternative to wood finishes. Laminates and veneers both are common finishing materials for furniture.

laminate vs veneer

Let’s discuss in brief about various differentiating aspects:

  • Core composition
    Laminate is an artificial material manufactured by compressing thin layers of plastic resins and flat paper. The final material is printed in decorative colours and patterns.

On the other hand, veneers are thin slices of hardwood. They can be glued onto a surface using adhesives.

  • Range of options
    There’s a huge range of options available for laminates including colours and shades. There are four basic categories – textured, matte, high gloss, and soft. While textured ones mimic stone or wood, others can be used as per interior requirements.

In veneers, you will get a few options only. Generally, they are paper backed, raw, laid up, wooden, reconstituted veneer and others. Being made of natural wood, you can’t expect multiple shades in veneers.

  • Visual appeal
    You can find laminates in a huge range of colours and designs to adorn the space as per your personal taste.

However, veneers offer limited choices, but carry the natural elegance of wood.

  • Upkeep
    Laminates are not demanding when it comes to maintenance. Being waterproof and scratch resistant, they can last for years.

But, veneers will require a lot of care and maintenance to retain its charm. Regular polishing is essential to preserve its beauty.

  • Resilience
    Laminates are designed to stay with you forever. The plastic in it adds to the durability. Top layer is scratch resistant and water proof.

Veneers are not as resilient as laminates. You need to spend significant time and money to make them last longer.

  • Price
    Laminates are budget-friendly as compared to veneers – both in terms of initial cost of purchase and maintenance. However, pricing may vary slightly based on the quality of the laminate.

Veneers cost more than laminates. Being made of wood, their price depends on the type of wood used in the process.

Conclusion:There are certain factors which place laminates above veneers such as – options, durability, maintenance and cost. Rest depends on your interior needs and personal preferences. At Advance Decorative Laminates, we offer aesthetically appealing laminates that provide a rich luxurious feel to your space. Explore the options here.

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