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High Gloss or Matte Laminates ? What to Choose While Selecting Laminates for Kitchen?

High Gloss or Matte Laminates ? What to Choose While Selecting Laminates for Kitchen?

While you may easily plan the best interior for your entire home, working on kitchen takes a lot of time and thought process. Depending on the kind of use and footfall in the area, you would want a design that will maximize its potential and retain the look for longer. The most important aspect of design is the cabinet finish. Choosing the right finish and colour, you can create a dramatic look to transform the space.

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Right finish means making a selection from matte or high-loss laminates. Your choice can be based on what would work best in your kitchen, the advantages and disadvantages of the options.

Finishing touch

No matter what lies within, the outer finish is going to transform the overall look and feel of the space. You can cover up the material with glossy or matte laminates, depending on the look you are thinking to achieve.

High-gloss finish

What is it? Most popular among interior designers and residential owners, high-gloss – as the name suggests – is a shiny finish that reflects lights. It is due to the reflection of light that these materials are widely used across spaces.

There are a few advantages of glossy finish:

  • Makes the space look brighter and bigger
  • Looks awesome even with darker colour combinations
  • Reflection of light creates a dramatic feel
  • They are extremely easy to clean

However, there are a few concern points as well:

  • Due to reflection of light, dirt and dust are prominently visible on the surface
  • Scratch marks are more noticeable


Matte finish

Contrary to high-gloss, they do not reflect any light and look flat. Traditional and country style interiors set a standard with matte finish laminates. However, matte finish also adds a touch of style to contemporary style homes. Plus points of matte finish include:

  • Scratches, dust and fingerprints are less noticeable
  • Since there are no reflections, colours look more consistent
  • They produce better colour combinations

Things you need to pay attention to:

  • As the matte laminates absorb light, they produce a muted look.
  • Their textured finish make it a little difficult to clean, but that’s not considerable


Summing up, matte and glossy both have their own set of pluses and minuses. Choice is completely yours based on your style preferences. For better design plans, you can try mixing the two for a more from here