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Different offerings from Advance Decorative Laminates

Different offerings from Advance Decorative Laminates

A renowned entity in the world of laminates, Advance Decorative Laminates offers some of the finest grade laminates for interior and exterior applications. The offerings made by them are not just appealing to eyes, but also add structural integrity to the surface applied.

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Here’s a complete range of offerings made by them:

Door Skin Laminates

Best for application on doors, these laminates also adds strength to the overall structure. Basically, it is made out of engineered wood and available in multiple design colours. Door skin is recommended for indoor use as they should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Film Faced Plywood

Light in weight, water and corrosion resistant, film faced plywood are perfect for open environment for their highly durable nature. They can also withstand high temperature conditions. Their application areas include construction, transport and furniture.

Digital Laminates

A true innovation in the world of laminates, digital laminates allow people to get products in colour and design as per their individual taste. Any design can be printed digitally to bring an artistic feel to interior spaces.

Exterior Laminates

High-pressure exterior laminates are a perfect fit for commercial projects and give a stylish to any building. Advance Decorative Laminates offers them in a diverse range of colors and designs, and long lasting properties for structural advantages.

Linear Grade Laminates

They are basically applied onto inner and back side of furniture to provide structural integrity and safety. Linear grade laminates avoid the need of painting a surface while offering cost advantages. The product is highly popular among furniture manufacturers and interior decorators.

External Wall Cladding

As the name suggests, they are applied over the external wall to provide better protection against weather elements. It also adds value and style to a property. Advance Decorative Laminates provide cladding solutions which are highly sustainable.

Enhance the look, feel and value of your property with the extensive range of laminates by Advance Decorative Laminates. Browse our entire collection here.